Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Warm Colors

Image from Elle Decor.
The strong red, yellow and orange color scheme in this room is complimented beautifully by the black and white photography and lucite. I can relate to the enormous pile of home magazines in the floor!


  1. Normally, this would be the last color combo I would ever choose...however, I am loving this room so much! So you just never know!

  2. i'm with sue.
    i never would've tried this -- but whoever designed this space got it right!

  3. Love that photo wall, I really love deep colors with black and white accents, so sharp! Hope your headache is gone!

  4. This room is just so cool looking!! It took someone with guts and a vision to pull this off. Love it. rhonda

  5. Yes, the designer of this space had some guts, as did their client. It's not easy to talk people into these bold colors!

    And yes, my headache is much better than it was Monday! It's a tension thing, unfortunately. Everyone has been so sweet and concerned! Thanks!