Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Papers at Studio Four

Tres Tintas, Vergel.

Clarissa Hulse Yarrow, Mallow-Mink.

Tres Tintas, Flapatos.
New wallpapers from Studio Four crossed my desk today! The papers above are by Clarissa Hulse and Tres Tintas, both available at Studio Four. I love the floral pattern for an accent wall or powder room. And the chocolate brown and green birds are fun for framed panels in a kid's bedroom or playroom.


  1. I especially love the floral and the penquins. I'm not sure I can go back to wallpaper for a long time, now that I have finally stripped or covered all of mine. What a pain that was!! I do love the idea of covering panels with the wallpaper. That I could definitely do and really enjoy. Thanks for the tip. Rhonda

  2. The birds are awesome! We don't have any kids, but I would still put it in the house!