Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello Hamptons

I apologize for my absence yesterday! I ended up going to the Hamptons for a job installation last night and most of today and I didn't have access to a computer the whole time!! Well, I'm finally back in the city for Memorial Day weekend and believe me, I am ready for the long weekend!

The Hamptons are so beautiful. The houses are unbelievable. But, under all of that beauty is a lot of stress for an interior designer! Memorial Day is the official begining of the Hamptons summer season and everything has to be just right.

Here's a little selection of some of the houses available for sale in the Hamptons if you're in the market, or if you just want to dream!
All images from Sotheby's Realty.


  1. these are beautiful. I love the classic design.

  2. Just beautiful-
    Hope you have a lovely long weekend! We had ours last week :) xx

  3. Beautiful.....I am definately not in the market but yes would love to dream.....Sounds like a great job you have!

    Just stumbled upon your blog and love it!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

    XO Jill

  4. Gorgeous homes, congrats on your design work, I hope you will show us pics.

    I have a surprise on my site.

    Art by Karena

  5. hi kendal! someone at 'selling new york' show was looking for a house at the hamptoms. love that show and miss new york. i am due for another visit...have a great memorial day weekend!verbena cottage

  6. they're all so beautiful, that Hampton's style is one of a kind! love it.jxx

  7. Oh! You picked all my did you know?! :)

  8. Gorgeous!!! I'll take any one of them or would at least like to tour one. Rhonda