Thursday, May 13, 2010

Old School

Sketches from design school make me smile. In those days you have no idea what to expect from the crazy world, or nutty clients or unbelievable budgets. Here's to pure design and not knowing what to expect in the future!


  1. Your renderings from college still make me smile too!!! I get more comments on those than any other art in my house (well, right after your pen & ink of course). It's a shame you don't get to render in the real world, you're so good at it. Hugs!!!
    ***You really should post a picture of the pen & ink drawing***

  2. Wow! Amazing illustrations Kendall! You mean to tell me there is no intro to Nutty clients course in design school? Seems like an oversight to me! :)

  3. Are we having a reality check? Love that blue kitchen. Is that some sort of mosaic tile on the peninsula face?

  4. Thanks, T! I know you're my biggest fan!

    Believe me, Zhush, if I were in charge it would be core curriculum:)

    Kim, I think I intended it to look like multi-color glass mosaic tile. I'm not a big fan of the multi-color anymore. But I would probably still do that look in a solid mosaic.

  5. Oh, the late nights...

    I miss those days sometimes! Up all night with our markers and terrible hip hop on the radio in good ol' Dawson Hall.

  6. Kendall, your talent never ceases to amaze me. Rhonda