Thursday, May 20, 2010


Images from Archivia. 
I've always loved a good bookstore. I admit, I could spend hours in Barnes & Noble. Nothing wrong with B&N, but small book shops are my fave. Archivia, on the Upper East Side, is a store where the inventory is totally devoted to art, design, architecture, fashion and all other things that are lovely. I went to the store's opening in 2007, and they've had me ever since.


  1. omg -- this book store is reason enough for a trip to NYC!!!
    i could spend all day there.

  2. oh how i love a beautiful, unique bookstore. or a bookstore of ANY kind actually :)

    just found your blog....lovely space :)

  3. Oh, fabulous, I love bookstores, too! Loved your comment on LBD about the pink refrigerator, is it any wonder you grew up to be a designer? XO!

  4. I adore second hand bookshops and antiquarian books. The bookshop pictured above is so quaint almost like a music room in a grand house. It has loads of personality. Visiting such bookshops is for me a continuous pleasure;-)

  5. We lived in the 70's, just off Madison and there was the most wonderful bookstore, on Madison. Wow, I can't remember the name...but it closed in the 90's (I think). I'm so glad this one has come back to the neighborhood!

  6. love the light in that space. lovely.

    xo Alison