Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Write About It

Image found via Cre8tive Compass.
Image found via Style Files.
Image found via Ann Sage.
Image found via Desire to Inspire.
Am I lame, or is chalkboard paint pretty cool? Maybe it's a way for me to keep all of my 'notes to self' under control! Hmm... And for kids it's especially great. Have any of you used it?


  1. cool, i think. i wanted to use it for my bedroom wall, but they sell it in such small tims, it was going to be pretty expensive for a huge wall. so i went with plain matt black instead.

    love the first image!

  2. We have it on two walls in our finished basement play room...its so fun!

  3. We've used it. Its great until it gets scratched or damaged in any way - its a bit hard to touch up. Not as hard as dry erase board paint, but buyer beware.

  4. I have samples of the dry erase board paint from MDC, I'm dying to try them!!!

  5. Pretty cool, yes. Pretty dusty, I'm guessing, yes. A-A-A-Achoo, achoo, achoo!!! With the allergies around here...I would have to pass!

    I vote for the note! Come on, you just can't beat the good ol' post-it note; works practically anywhere. Well...probably not so much on a dusty chalkboard.

    Are you sure you're not going to miss the "ugly metal door and magnet" system you've got going on now?


  6. Tres (500) Days of Summer. Too bad I'd have a coughing fit with all of that dust!