Monday, July 26, 2010

Walk-in Closets!

Image found via Tumblr.
Image found via Decor Pad.
I'm going to have a walk-in closet again for the first time in three years! I'm really inspired by these two closets. The raw wood detail added onto the wire shelving in the first photo is a great touch! The second photo is Paris Hilton's closet. (if you couldn't tell!) All of the mirrored surfaces are a little over the top for me, but it's still glamorous!


  1. she's going to hate all that mirror when she has crows feet :)

  2. I have a walk-in, but NOTHING as glamorous as those. Its my first walk-in closet, so I understand your excitement :)

  3. So exciting!!! You will be here in less than a week. The closet is awaiting you. Rhonda

  4. I think if this was my closet I would never leave!