Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fourth of July Goodies

Bunting from here.
Vintage boots from here.
Cookies from here.
So, we'll be watching fireworks from our friend's roof in Brooklyn this weekend. I'm super excited about it! We went to the west side fireworks last year and it was a mob scene. Never again! The roof thing is going to be way better.

If I had a terrace and/or roof that was accessible I would want to hang this fabric bunting, wear these boots and attempt to make cookies that resembled this. Hmmm...maybe next year!


  1. Kendall, enjoy your weekend! We will be walking over to Point Park to see the fireworks all over the city from the top of the Mountain ! Gosh, those cookies look good!-

  2. Woo hoo! That will be so fun, I love Brooklyn because the view of Manhattan is so much better, have a fun roof party! XO!

  3. Ya'll have a great time. Kane has always loved fireworks. Sounds like a great view. Rhonda