Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wall of Polaroids

Image found via Tumblr.
I LOVE this wall covered with polaroid pictures! It's a great installation idea. Especially for anyone in a rental apartment, because scotch tape comes off a heck of a lot easier than wallpaper or paint! 


  1. This is fantastic. I totally love it. Can you imagine how amazing this is? To be able to walk up and check this out? It's a conversation starter, continuer, memory wall extraordinaire!

    Polaroids are the best, aren't they?!


  2. Would this work for any pictures? I think it is an awesome idea. Colorful and fun. Rhonda

  3. That is sick, Kendall, I love it! You could have a big party, give everyone a Polaroid camera, and you'd have a wall! How's the moving stuff going? Do you want to be friends on FB? XO!