Monday, July 12, 2010

Big News!

Image found via Flickr.
Well, I hinted last week that I have some big changes going on. Kane and I have decided that after three great years in NYC, we are moving back to Tennessee!! I up and quit my job a couple of weeks ago, which was terrifying but satisfying.

We're relocating to Nashville, which is where we've always wanted to end up once we got New York out of our system.

Don't worry! I'll be posting more than ever after the move and I'm planning on having better content too.

Here's to new beginings and exciting opportunities! I hope that you all stick with me through the transition!


  1. That's exciting! Tennessee is beautiful (and fun to type!), so I could see why you would want to go back. Plus, just imagine all the extra space you'll have :)

  2. Here's to YOU...for being strong, taking chances, having faith and making things happen!!! I have no doubt that things will fall into place for you guys!

    I'm excited about the opportunity to actually get to visit WAY more often!!! WOO HOO!!!

    Big hugs to you both.


  3. yeah for you!!!! (i owe you an email, too.)
    congratulations on your new adventure!! :)

  4. That's great Kendall: good for both of you to make such a decision...NYC can be very tough. We did it for years but were so glad to get out in the end!

  5. I am so excited to have you closer! YAY.

  6. Cannot wait to see you both and see how the Lord works in each of your lives. One door shuts and another one opens. You will both excel and thrive wherever you are and you are a great team. We are so very proud of you both. Rhonda and Brad

  7. Congrats to you both, its so nice to hear this exciting news!

  8. Wow! Great + exciting news... you better believe I'm making the move with you! xx