Thursday, July 22, 2010

Classic Style in ATL

Images from Atlanta Homes.
I just fell in love with this Atlanta home, owned by Atlanta Brave Derek Lowe. Interior designer Betty Burgess had free reign to do whatever she liked, as long as she could complete the job in three months. Three months!! Can you believe that? I think she was definitely successful.


  1. She did an amazing job! I'm super impressed, isn't that a designer's dream, to have free reign? I wonder where he lives, don't most of the sports stars live up around John's Creek now? McMansions? XO!

  2. Gorgeous! I love that wallpaper/bench/black chest photo and the chandelier in the first image! Looks like a win/win for designer and client!

  3. How amazing are the chairs in that top picture?? All of these are just outstanding!! I wanna live THERE!


  4. Stunning. McMansions indeed!
    I love the dual(ing) seating areas in the living room picture ~ risky, but it looks to work perfectly for the room.

  5. Betty did an amazing job, and she is absolutely lovely to work with. I LOVE the dining room!