Monday, July 19, 2010

From Tiny Spaces to Smiling Faces

Image from Tumblr.
As I pack boxes in our tiny apartment, it still hasn't sunk in yet that our new place is going to be twice as big as this one!!

I've missed you all these past few days. I'm back to posting on a regular basis now!


  1. Kendall, best of luck with the move. Hope we get to see some photos of the new place!

  2. oh good luck with the packing - that is my worst mightmare!! jxx

  3. We missed you too, Kendall, but I figured you were busy with packing and such! I am so excited you're coming back down south, woo hoo! XO!

  4. So excited for your new place and the close proximity for many loved ones. Cannot wait until you are officially here. Rhonda