Saturday, February 12, 2011

Special Follower Appreciation Giveaway!

Today I'm announcing an exclusive giveaway for my 55 very special followers! With my first giveaway ever, I would like to thank all of you who have become followers and visit this blog on a regular basis. This is just for you!

For those of you who aren't followers yet, please keep visiting! I promise that my next giveaway will include everyone!

I'm happy to be giving away a beautiful necklace from Rebecca at Spencer Morgan Designs. She is a wonderfully talented jewelry designer who creates new jewelry by repurposing vintage pieces in a fresh way. Rebecca also has a fun blog that you can visit here.
This necklace is on a 14k gold chain, with gold flying bird and pale pink 1 inch faceted briolette. Approximate total length is 16.5 inches.

Giveaway Guidelines:
1) You must be one of my 55 wonderful followers to enter!
2) Visit Spencer Morgan Designs and then come back and leave one comment with the name of your favorite piece of jewelry.
3) I'll select a random winner and annouce it on Friday Feb 18!



  1. Oh how lovely! I love that piece, it's beautiful! xo

  2. I like "seriously puzzled". I also like the 3rd pic in the first row of the custom section with the light blue beads and reddish flower medallion kind of thing. I also really like "key to my heart," although I'd probably fidget with it all day long if I tried to wear it. Love!

  3. such a pretty and delicated necklace!

    im happily following you and my fave item from Spencer Morgan are the "wear your white" earrings.

  4. I really liked the staying alive necklace!


  5. Great giveaway, Kendall!
    I love "three ring circus".

  6. So sweet and delicate...I love this..this and Staying Alive!:)

  7. I love key to my heart and three ring circus for necklaces. I love the wear your white earrings, also. I think this is a beautiful necklace and such a great idea for you and Becca. Rhonda

  8. Wow, this is such a special giveaway, Kendall. All of the pieces are lovely, but since green is my favorite color, I'm especially fond of the Emerald City necklace!

  9. This is a beautiful necklace. I will have to check her site out. I hit a milestone on my blog this past week and wanted to Thank You for helping make it possible by having come to my blog and leaving a comment. Thanks Again!

  10. Ohh how fun! I love Bubbles on Baubles!

  11. That is so pretty and feminine. I'd love it!

  12. Such delicate the 'something fishy' reminds me of my part of the world! Some great earrings there too!
    Best of luck to all what a nice treat for your followers...thanks Kendall

  13. I love "simply elegant". and so many more! thanks, kendall and becca!!!

  14. Kendall-

    Three ring circus is a beautiful design!

    Great to find your blog, I am a new follower!


  15. The butterfly necklace is my favorite
    I am now a follower

  16. how fun! Patrick has had the computer at school all week. Today is my day to catch up on blogs. maybe i've caught you before you picked the winner?? Any way I really like lovely length and silver spun!

    Hope you've had a great week! It's been supper nice out up here!

  17. I'm just squeaking in. Whew!! I've had the flu and been running on empty. argh

    I loved so many things in the shop. The Stunningly Simple and Lady Aqua necklaces have to be tied for faves!

    What a wonderful giveaway!