Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ikea Goodies

A fabulous designer that I work with is preggo and really hoping for a baby girl! I love all of these little goodies that are SO inexpensive at Ikea! Wish we had one here in Nashville so I could shop for gifts.

Images found via Ikea.


  1. ikea is such a great source, love that crib!

  2. I must say it shocked me a little when I opened up the blog to see a pink crib. HA!!! I love all of these darling baby things. I hope your coworker has a wonderful pregnancy. Rhonda

  3. I was just there this past weekend shopping in the kids' department for the new niece and I saw that crib. They also have the most precious ceramic tea set of all time. LOVE IT!

  4. Wish you had a baby or an Ikea?



  5. I miss IKEA ! when we're moved back to CA we will def be going to help furnish our new nest

    ~ and thanks for the comment ;)