Sunday, January 2, 2011

New York, New York

I repurposed a 2010 calendar into three pieces of inexpensive art today. I selected three of the New York prints that fit into my frames, and coordinated well together. Then I just trimmed them down to size, and fitted into my frames.

A fun little secret is that these frames are made of...styrofoam! I found them in a second-hand furniture shop in Louisville, Kentucky. They were only a couple dollars a piece.

Also, as a side note, I don't think I ever posted about this little side table. It was a yard sale find that I paid a few dollars for and then spray painted navy blue. Never underestimate the power of spray paint!


  1. Looks great, Kendall and you know I'm a huge fan of the can!!

  2. Your frames look really good K! It makes me laugh all over again thinking back about how they had both of us fooled at first AND second glance. I don't think we actually realized they were styrofoam until we picked them up; which ultimately, was one of the reasons you decided to purchase wasn't it...disbelief!!! How fun.



  3. Yes, honestly, I probably wouldn't have bought them if they weren't a novelty!

  4. I love the art and am so happy you were able to use the frames so beautifully. That corner looks awesome and I love the lamp. Your condo is looking so homey, warm, and inviting. Good job. Love,R