Monday, January 17, 2011

Eventful Evening

I had some good material lined up for today's post, but unfortunately it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight I ended up escorting my sick husband to the ER instead! He'll be fine, but he's 24 hours into a nasty 48 hour bug that's harassing Nashville. 

Now he's happily pumped full of fluids, pain medication, muscle relaxers, anti-nausea medication and a couple of other goodies.

The good news is that I am very impressed with Centennial Medical Center in Nashville. They were efficient and professional. The bad news is they politely informed me that I will probably have the same nasty bug within the week...


  1. ughh I hope not. I had the nasty a few weeks ago and it was rough!!!

  2. Oh no, Kendall! Drink lots of water and pray it passes you by!

  3. Oh no! It sounds Horrible -- I hope you don't get it!!
    Stay well, sweetie.

  4. yikes! That sounds awful...purell, tons of sleep and water...good luck to you both!