Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mekong Blue - Scarves for a Good Cause

I love these beautiful scarves from Mekong Blue! These gorgeous accessories are woven by Cambodian women at the Stung Treng Women’s Development Center. This non-profit organizations helps to lift women out of poverty by teaching them a trade and paying them a fair wage. They're not just selling scarves, they are changing people's lives.

They currently have 21 great styles, all in 100% silk. These are some of my favorites. Be sure to check them out for yourself, or as gifts for others! Available at
Images found here.


  1. YAY! Thanks for posting this, Ken! I'm a big fan of Mekong Blue :)

  2. lovely colors on those scarves...i love such stoles too...they are one of my travel essentials in fact!