Thursday, June 3, 2010


My beautiful mother and mema Gail are coming in town this Saturday! I cannot wait to see them. Except that my apartment is a wreck and in need of a deep cleansing :)
Everyone who lives near their families should give them a big hug and kiss tonight, because when you're far apart from them it's just not the same! XOXO


  1. Don't worry about your apt., we're coming to see you guys & to show your Mema the "BIG City" in a very busy,whirlwind tour. We can't wait to give you lots of HUGE hugs!!!
    In the mean time we have banished the "loons" & the "lures" from the loo! Yeah!!!
    See you Sat.~ We love you, M & MM

  2. hehe, how cool is that - you're mum leaving a comment on your blog - and not at all like that poor chick from Jule & Julia and her mother's comments!!

    enjoy the weekend, i know how special it must be - i don't have any family in this state. has made raising two boys by myself a bit of a challenge, but makes the reunions pretty cool!


  3. You and Kane enjoy your family and give them hugs from us. Your apartment is adorable and Gail will love it. Cannot wait to hear how she likes NYC. Love, Rhonda

  4. BE CAREFUL, K...apparently the "looneys" have NOT been banished and they're heading your way!!!

    Luv Ya,