Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The New Traditionalists

I attended a fun little party after work today at The New Traditionalists showroom. They have some great furniture, but the main feature that I liked most were the fun colors and interesting finishes that they offer for their furniture, like the pink strie pictured on the dresser below.

These are a couple of my favorite pieces.
DucDuc childrens furniture is represented in the same showroom. Bright, modern furniture is their specialty. Babies who grow up in a DucDuc nursery have no choice but to grow up into stylish people! Check out their stuff here.


  1. I so love the cool pink items. wow.

  2. i love the new tradionalists stuff, that would have been one cool little party!

  3. Love the pink dresser & the white chest! New traditional!

  4. Have seen the furniture, but never that amazing finish before....its gorgeous!