Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catskills Cottage

Image from New York Times.
Check this article out. Sandra Foster found this old hunting cottage in the Catskills and renovated it herself into a little personal retreat. It doesn't have heating or plumbing (so, therefore, no kitchen or bathroom). She and her husband actually live in a 1970s trailor on the property. They are definitely free spirits! Be sure to read the New York Times article and see the slidshow with lots of pictures.


  1. That is amazing! Love the bookshelves! I love the NYT Home and Garden section, off to check it out now! XO!

  2. Read the article over the weekend, while I admire the individual creativity here and the execution, by the end of the article pretty convinced they are both completely coo coo for cocoa puffs...capes, pink boots and all! :)

  3. Holy renovation! Looks like a princess lives here!

  4. this is pretty amazing! i love it! sometimes i wish i could have thay gypsy-ish life :)

    ps--you have me curious to read "$20/gallon". sounds interesting and informative! thanks for the info on it!