Monday, June 28, 2010

No Room To Spare

Image found via Tumblr.
Now, hear me out about this picture before you judge me. I think that this is a really awesome idea. Granted, this execution of the idea is dreary and dull and just not very nice. But, imagine if your powder room walls were painted a crisp white, or a bright jewel tone. Then you lined your walls with color photos and paintings in interesting frames. Now that could be cool. And in a powder room you don't have to worry about the moisture issues you have in other bathrooms. I'm filing this away in my future house file...


  1. this is lovely! i so wanna do something like this in one of the niches of our bedroom wall but my hubby just refuses to co-operate...oh well i shall keep on trying to convince him =)


  2. Agree, I think its a really cool idea!

  3. Holy ****; that's alot of pics!!!

    Can't wait to see the outcome of the "Kendall" version someday.


  4. if well executed, could be really cool! :)