Friday, June 4, 2010

Royal School of Needlework

Images from House and Garden.
This article from the June issue of House & Garden (the British version, since the American version went under a couple of years back) really made an impression on me. It's about the Royal School of Needlework which is housed in Hampton Court Palace outside of London. They offer several different embroidery classes, from one-day beginner classes to a two-year degree in hand embroidery. The classes seem to be reasonably priced, and they are so right up my alley! Can you imagine working in the beautiful spaces pictured in this article? Wow!


  1. That would be amazing! Embroidery is truly, truly an art, I think people think of it as something that little old ladies do, but it really isn't, I'm sure this article proves that! Have a great weekend, Kendall!

  2. Hey Kendall! So nice to know that this time-honored art form will stay alive with these classes. I tried some simple embroidery in girl scouts and I still have the hand towel I sewed with a little Dutch girl design!

  3. this looks amazing!!!!!!!!! wow! how awesome would it be to be THERE??

    as for the word. YUM! i didn't have the trouble many people complain of. i did as advised and touched the dough very lightly. treating it as if it were hot. biscuits were soft and delish. i followed this recipe exactly. GOOD LUCK!

  4. It is wonderful to take classes at the Royal School of Needlework in England. They are offering classes in San Francisco, CA in the spring and the fall too. The instruction is the same as you would get in England, with RSN trained tutors. You can visit their website to find the classes that will be offered in San Francisco.

    I love taking classes, you can see some of my class projects on my blog "Embroidery Outside the Box."

  5. wow..can see why this made such an impression on you1