Sunday, February 14, 2010

Upper West Side Flea Market

I visited the Upper West Side Flea Market this morning. It was the first flea market I've been to since I moved here 2-1/2 years ago! It was a nice way to spend a brisk (read: freezing cold) morning! Notice the huge piles of snow all around the parking lot.
I have to say that flea markets in NYC are completely different from flea markets in the south! I was expecting to dig through haphazard piles of VHS tapes and old computer parts, racks of old clothes and tables of miscellanious junk to find the good stuff. But here the vendors pretty much know what the good stuff is and they've edited the selection for you. This is good because you're more likely to find something really great, except that it's way harder to find a great deal!

My favorite vendor today was selling metal ceiling tiles that have been salvaged from old NYC buildings. They sell them individually as is, and they also make mirrors from them which are absolutely gorgeous. Most of them have the original paint colors on them which I think is awesome. Can't you see these colored tiles hanging on my lavender wall?
In the picture below you can see all of the different ceiling tile mirrors leaning against the fence.
There were booths specializing in teas and spices, pickels and olives, area carpets and vintage fur coats. I'll definitely visit again. Maybe when it's warmer...


  1. OMG!!! I bet that was so much fun. I loved the furniture section also. The tiles were beautiful and you are right they would look so good on your lavendar wall. The furs are so pretty too. Is the stuff affordable at all or over priced? What a fun thing to do when it is much warmer. Maybe we can go there when Brad and I come back. He loves to go to flea markets. Spring is just around the corner--hang in there. Rhonda

  2. I want to go, too. I forwarded this to MaryVirginia because she is the queen of the nashville flea market!! I've heard about round top in texas as the very best. Have you heard about it?

  3. Oh my gosh, I would love to go! I've also always always wanted to go to the Brooklyn flea market.

  4. To answer Rhonda's question, there were some deals to be had, but no one was giving anything away for a song.

    This was a great market, but Brooklyn Flea is supposed to be by far the best around here. I've heard from several people that it's not really worth it to go in the winter because a lot of the great vendors aren't there. So, I'll be making a trip there once it warms up! Maybe we'll go when Brad and Rhonda can go with us!

    I haven't heard of Round Top, but I'll ask my Mom about it. She may know.

    Also, I thought of you Becca because there was so much vintage jewelry around. Lots of broaches and things to make fun stuff out of.


  5. Those ceiling tiles are amazing.

  6. From what I've heard Round Top is like the 127 yard sale that runs through Chattanooga, except instead of being along a road it radiates out from Round Top in all directions. It claims to be the largest in the U.S. It's south of Dallas, between Austin & Houston, & takes place the first 2 weeks of April & Oct. I've also heard you can't see it all in the 2 weeks.
    If you're looking for something in Tx. McKinney has "Trade Days" once a month, year around. I've heard it's great but haven't made it over there yet. I doubt I make it to Round Top but McKinney is close to my house, so I will definately check it out when the weather warms up.

  7. this looks like so much fun! (minus the snow, of course.) i hope you made off with some good deals!