Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Anyone want me to send them some of this fabulous faux fur?;) I happened across this rack today at New York Elegant Fabrics in the fashion district while shopping for some decidedly less outrageous fabrics.


  1. I'm thinking seat covFURs for my car. Color choice to hard to make however; I'll get back to you.


  2. Karen, You are hilarious!!! Believe it or not, I have seen where this faux fur has been all the rage in NYC, etc. It is true, Kendall??

  3. This stuff would make some fierce seat covers.

    I have not seen very many people walking around wearing this stuff, thank goodness. :) With the exception of one woman on the upper east side in a floor legth goat fur coat that was purple and yellow. I wish I could have gotten my camera out in time...

  4. Too funny. That would have been quite a memorable shot of your time in NYC. Rhonda