Monday, February 1, 2010

Beautiful Wedding

I posted a while back about the beautiful wedding dress that Geneva made for her friend Amanda. See the post here if you missed it. Well, all of the official wedding pictures are online now and they are unbelievable. These pictures really show how talented Geneva is. Go to Red Fly Studio to see these pictures and the rest of their great work.

Amanda and Alan got married in NYC in December. She wore awesome red shoes. Some of you might know that I also wore red shoes when I got married. I thought that looking back I might have regretted wearing them, but nope. They are one of my favorite things that I did! 

Great minds think alike.


  1. What an adventure they had on the way to get married! Wow! They will have great stories to tell & awsome pictures to back up those stories. Amanda looked beautiful .... Geneva you ROCK!!! The red shoes & fur wrap bring back memories of another BEAUTIFUL bride from not to long ago.(sniff, sniff) The most beautiful ever in my opinion.:~)

  2. I agree with everything that T said. The pictures were so cool in NYC. I especially liked all the coats she wore and the ice skating. The dress was perfection. Proud of Geneva. Rhonda