Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Clothes

Leading Role dress from Anthropologie.
Ingrid dress from Shabby Apple.
Reina dress from Kate Spade.
My wardrobe is looking a little shabby. It's about time for me to get some new spring clothes! I'm not the best clothing shopper in general, but one thing that I'm great at picking is dresses. These are a few of my favorites right now.


  1. I love each one of these and think they would all look good on you. You have always had great taste in my opinion. Rhonda

  2. You have always liked dresses & dresses look so cute on you. Maybe that's why you are so good at picking them. You've had a lot of practice & we all know that practice makes perfect (or at least really good!). ; )

  3. Thanks! I appreciate the votes of confidence!