Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Surrounded By Books

Home of and designed by Mandy Myerson and Ryan Nelson. Photo by Liezel Strauss.
I love being surrounded by books. If I had my way I would have enough time to read a new book everyday. Currently my books are piled on shelves here and there, and lots of them are still at my parent's house because it didn't make much sense to haul them all to New York!

The idea of having a room of floor to ceiling books is so appealing to me. A place to go where you can literally be surrounded by books. 

The following rooms are a huge inspiration.
 Library by Miles Redd.
Room by Courtnay Daniels Haden.
Room by Alessandra Branca.
Interior by Jed Johnson Associates. I'm a little biased about this particular company if you know what I mean!


  1. I like the last one too, you didn't happen to have a hand in designing it did you? I must say you're well on your way to having that room FULL of books you desire. I'm very sure you will some day! :-}

  2. They are all beautiful, and you definitely need a wall of books as much as you read. Great ideas and I also love the Jed Johnson one. Rhonda

  3. i agree!! though the last one shouldnt have a tv in it. who reads and watchh tv at the same time? blog on fellow blogger!