Saturday, February 13, 2010

MOM and POPcorn Co.

After posting about Mom's Valentine's Day package that included a bag of cinnamon popcorn, I think that I need to elaborate on how great Mom and Popcorn Co. is. I instantly fell in love with the place when I walked in the door. Then I tasted the popcorn and now I'm a fan for life!
Located in historic downtown McKinney, TX, Mom and Popcorn is an old-fashioned candy store selling every kind of nostalgic candy that you can imagine, home-made fudge, current candy and most importantly....45 different flavors of fresh popcorn! You can get everything from dill pickle and tomato basil, to grape and watermelon, to loaded baked potato! Not to mention cinnamon, my favorite.
Luckily, since not everyone lives near McKinney, TX, they ship their goodies world-wide! They will ship everything from small bags of popcorn to 6-gallon tubs of candies! So, give them a call or check out their website. I love this place!!

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  1. The town of McKinney sounds better and better. No one can love popcorn more than me, and I know that I would probably love many of the flavors there. It is such a unique and pretty store. Reminds me of the colorful candy store of NYC called Dylan's Candy Bar, but with a general store atmosphere. Really awesome.