Saturday, January 23, 2010

Paint Me Lavender

I spent the afternoon painting our kitchen/entry hall lavender. I'm happy with the result. The only problem is that now the rest of the kitchen is still builder's beige and it looks drab in comparison! But, one project at a time.

The color is Benjamin Moore Sanctuary AF-620.


  1. LOVE IT !!! You know it wouldn't take long to paint the rest of the kitchen. Most of the walls are covered with cabinets & appliances. Go for it, I think you'll be glad you did! Wish I was there to help you. :D

  2. It looks great. It's not too girly.

  3. I cannot believe what a little paint can do. It is a beautiful color. Not girly at all, which is what I have always tried to achieve, having all boys. A hard task -- helps that you have a man whose manhood is not threatened by pretty colors. Ha! Rhonda