Monday, January 11, 2010

Chinese Lanterns

I love both of these interiors. What I love most is that their owners used Chinese lanterns that were less than $10 each to create a look that was interesting and invididual to their own styles.

Design by Amy Campbell. Image from Design Sponge.
The designer of this little girl's bedroom, Amy Campbell, used tissue paper to make homemade "pom poms" and wired them together with different sized paper lanterns and homemade garland.

Image from Architectural Digest.
Roderick Shade's Harlem apartment is featured in the Feb 2010 Architectural Digest. He used six white Chinese lanterns to line his once-dark hallway. On a side note, I'm very impressed that Architectural Digest ran an article about renovating an apartment on such a small budget. That is not a topic that they tackle often. Good for them!


  1. I haven't read this article yet, sounds interesting!

  2. Also, I love how that bed is made out of shipping crates and casters...

  3. How unique. I like the different uses of Chinese lanterns. Rhonda