Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busy Day

We've done a lot today. Dentist appointment, lunch at Goodburger, farmer's market at Union Square in 1 degree weather (not kidding, I don't recommend it). Trader Joe's and a big dinner. I'm wiped out.

There is currently only one Trader Joe's in Manhattan. Therefore, going to Trader Joe's on the weekend is nuts. No one would bother fighting the crowd if their products weren't so good! These pictures don't quite do the experience justice.


  1. Looks great. I have only been 1 time in Nashville, but it is really a cool store. The crowd is unreal. How long did it take to check out? Is it really crowded at the farmer's market in that weather also? A different world there in NYC, huh. I left early in the morning to miss the crowds at Bi-Lo. HA!!! Not quite the same. Rhonda

  2. Too bad you guys dont live closer to Brooklyn... the TJ here is so much better... it's not 1 in 1 out like Manhattan! You guys were brave souls for attempting that!