Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Excellent Way to End a Day

Kane met me at the pizza place on our block for a quick slice before we headed home. You cannot beat a great slice of pizza. It's an excellent way to end a day.


  1. This pizza was amazing. Not mention it only cost us $9 for three large pieces, a coke, and a water. Also, there are these things called garlic knots, and they go for 4 for a $1. The only downside is that your breathe will be ruined for 2 days. Its worth it though. For some reason pizza tastes better when I'm eating it with kendall.

  2. Those are huge slices. I'm glad to see that you are sticking to your water, no coke, resolution, Kane. I assume that coke is Kendall's. Kendall does make that pizza look good. Love you both. Rhonda