Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Shot Bike

Kane's new bike came in today. He is super excited about it. I'm a little nervous since the last time he was on a bike he was hit by a car!!

It's from a Colorado company called Big Shot Bikes. You can check them out here. They let you customize your bike online, and the frames are all made from post-consumer recycled steel.


  1. Big Shot huh? Somebody is full of himself. Ha! Ha! Glad he chose a really bright color, hopefully that will help with visibility! That along with one of those big, florescent flags on a stick!!!

    The UK blue will definitely meet Pepa Bob's approval.

    I'm a little confused by the multi-colored tires. Is that a NY "thang" or just a Kane "thang?"

    Oh yeah, one last thing...does that say "FIXIE" on the bar? As in "we had to fixie your little bikie." Isn't that bad carma or something?

    Sorry Kane...couldn't resist, had to "pokie" a little fun.

    Love you both!


  2. The bike is really cool looking. I know Kane is excited about it. Like you, Kendall, I am praying for his safety daily. It looks really good sitting against the new lavendar wall. Love you both and constantly praying that God has his protection around you both in NYC. Rhonda

  3. Well there girl this is dads first comment. You have done wonders with the place. It is good to see you bring your special gifts home.Enjoy each day and continue to Love and grow together. Your future is bright and the sky is the limit.I love you both. Brad PS- Kane hopr it rides as good as it looks.

  4. It's a fixie what do you need brakes for?