Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes: Part 1

Now that I've given you the house tour, I can start to show you the progress we've made! My awesome family came to Nashville for a day last weekend to help Kane and I kick-start the whole process. Thanks Mom, Mema Gail and Pepa Bob, Aunt Karen and Hamilton!

One of the most dramatic things we accomplished was stripping the wallpaper in the Kitchen. Here's the paper "Before."
This paper came off very easily as far as wallpaper goes. We scored the paper, sprayed liberally with Chomp, then peeled it right off! We were very lucky that our 50s house only had one layer of paper. 
There's H helping peel it off!
And Mema Gail!
Here's the finished result. The difference is like night and day. We still need to caulk, prime and paint the walls, but for now I'm just happy to have the flowers gone!

Lastly, you may be wondering what "Chomp" is. Trust me when I say that it is the most amazing product for removing wallpaper. I'm not getting anything for endorsing this stuff, it's just so great that I want all of you to know about it for the next time you have to remove wallpaper!



  1. Wow, night and day! Haven't heard of Chomp but I will try it. I have some very ugly paper to strip myself! Congrats on your charming home Kendall!!

  2. It does look great already!! And that's awesome you guys had one layer of paper and it was easy to get off of the walls. I've heard many horror stories!

  3. thanks! I have a wallpaper stripping project and neede a tried and true product to make it easier!

  4. Found your blog thru Pinterest... Used "Chomp" today! You were right! It works magic!