Monday, July 25, 2011

Master Bedroom - Progress?

I'm in the phase of opening boxes and seeing what I have that I can reuse in our new house. Since we got our bedroom painted first, that's the room I'm focusing on setting up. I hesitate to post these pictures because the room's so far from being done! This is my version of "throw everything that you've unpacked in there and see what happens before you decide what else to buy." Haha.

So far, we've knocked out the following:
  • Refinished the hardwood floors ebony. We love it!
  • Repainted the walls Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal.
  • Repainted the ceiling Benjamin Moore Decorator's White.
  • Hung temporary roller shades on the windows, so we don't become the talk of the neighborhood.
  • New duvet and shams from Ikea. Thanks to my Mom for bringing them from Dallas! We really need an Ikea in Nashville.
  • New-to-me desk that I'm using as the bedside table on the left, given to me by Mema G and Pepa B. 
We still have a lot to knock out:
  • Install new baseboards, and get them painted.
  • Paint the peeling door and window casings.
  • Replace the ugly ceiling fan with a pretty new shade fixture. (It's ordered, I can't wait for it to come in!)
  • Lay a seagrass rug on the floor. (It's ordered, too!)
  • Hang new curtain panels on a ceiling track on three walls.
  • Refinish the desk on the left of the bed and dress it up with new hardware.
  • Replace my old red lampshade with a new greige linen shade.
  • Repaint an old chest of drawers that my Mother and Father-in-law are giving to us and locate it to the left of the closet door.
  • Hang new artwork.
  • Accessorize.
This is our gifted desk. It just needs a little facelift.
The picture above is where our chest of drawers will go.
And this picture shows the great wall where I'll feature artwork.


  1. Gorgeous Kendall great job!! I love it!


    Art by Karena

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  2. Wow how impressive!! You all have already done so much work. It looks just beautiful!

  3. I'm feeling it--love the wall color and those dark floors are FABOOSH!


  4. I love the floors, and that beadspread from Ikea!!

  5. Nice! I really like the color of the walls!

  6. Looks so good! That color turned out perfect. I love the pattern on the desk chair. Goes so well in the room! And I love all your samples laying on your bed :)