Monday, December 20, 2010

Jam-packed Weekend

This weekend was a whirlwind spent with Papa and Dovey in Milan, TN and then with Kane's family in Mississippi. His Uncle Jimmy hosts every year. There were lots of guns to shoot, a Chinese gift exchange, and this year we added a tacky Christmas sweater competition. Lots to do!

Papa and Dovey with their new scarves.
Brad and Girl Logan.
Papa's model pose, showing off his UGG boots and new scarf!
Shooting clay pidgeons at Uncle Jim's.
Kane and Logan with cousin Chip. 
Cousin Jackson getting ready to say Grace. How cute is this? 
Soon-to-be-mommy Desiree, Carrie, me and Logan.


  1. Okay, Kane's sweater is out of control. However, Logan's complete ensemble with the Santa hat is also incredible. Kudos to whatever thrift store you saved those from!

  2. Awesome pictures of such a wonderful family Christmas tradition that you and Kane have missed for so long. We are so blessed to have you close to home. Pops is a hoot!!! Love,R