Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Springtime Bedrooms

Image source unknown.
Image from House Beautiful.
Image from S. R. Gambrel.
These bedrooms remind me of spring. They're all well-done in their own way. Everything about the last image reminds me of bedrooms that we do at my office. I prefer the first room. It looks effortless, even though I'm sure it took a lot of effort to get that way!


  1. yes -- that first picture is fantastic!

  2. Ia the artwork in the last bedroom painted on the wall or a metal sculpture? All very fresh and inviting. R

  3. I love the fresh and inviting feeling to all these bedrooms. You can almost feel the breeze flowing through them. Is the artwork in the last bedroom painted on or a metal sculpture? Rhonda

  4. Sorry, the computer kept rejecting my comments, now you have 3. Weird. R

  5. That's ok! It happens. The artwork in the last photo is metal sculptural flowers. Pretty cool.