Friday, April 2, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

So it is 1am, and Kane and I just got home from the emergency room. Kane was riding his bike in the bike lane on 1st Ave when a crazy Chinese food delivery man on an electric bike came flying down the road going the wrong direction and smashed into Kane.

Luckily he's just really scraped and bruised up, with a sprained ankle and a really sore hip. It could have been a lot worse.

Some of you may not know that Kane was hit by an elderly man in a car a few months ago and walked away from that wreck without too many injuries as well.

I'm thinking it's time to retire the wheels for a while. But we'll see, I guess. And now ladies and gentlemen I am going to bed.


  1. Oh my goodness, did this really happen again or is this an April fools joke? I hope it's a joke and no one was hurt!

  2. I wish it was an April fools joke! But no, it really happened and now I'm a little bit tired today!

    His injuries are all pretty minor. No broken bones or anything. So in the big scheme of things he was lucky.

    Kane has had some really bad luck on bikes, so I'm going to request that he give it up for at least a little while. I will be so stressed out if he starts riding again!!

  3. Good idea Kendall....I am really glad he is you both.

  4. Thanks Keith. Luckily he's tough! It was so nice to get to see you and Kathy and MB last weekend. We love you all and can't wait to see you again soon!

  5. I'm sitting at home all day and reading these comments on Kendall's blog. My injuries could have been worse just like when the car hit me. GOD was watching over me last night. Im going to take a break from riding now. My lovely wife took care of me last night and I just wanted to thank her. THANKS!!!

  6. I am thankful for my son and the woman that loves him. So thankful that God again protected you Kane. Time to throw in the towel on this particular mode of transportation in NYC. I know you are going to miss it. R

  7. Kane, Kane, Kane...let me start by saying "I'm really, really, really glad you're OK, but enough is enough!" We all know a certain someone can't handle the added stress!

    Personally I think it's time for an upgrade. Go electric, like the crazy Chinese food delivery guy. You just need to even the playing field a bit! I told you that you needed one of those orange flags on a stick!

    You know...I bet if you play your cards right, you could probably get "free" Chinese food for as long as you're willing and able to brave the big city!

    Feel better soon and continue to take good care of each other!

    Love ya both!