Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wow Art

Pablo Picasso, self-portrait, 1907. Image from Art Quotes.
Today I spent the day at a client's home helping to place and oversee the hanging of their extensive art collection. This was the first time ever that I have handled such priceless things. I'm talking about Picasso, Calder, Magritte, Matisse, Basquiat. And not just sketches or etchings - major pieces.

Their home puts some modern art museums to shame! That's quite a way to live, being surrounded by such beautiful things.


  1. I cant wait to see it! I want to see the Rotunda!

  2. That is awesome. Not many people can say they have held a real Piccaso in the hands. WOW!!! My wife is cool.

  3. That is really awesome, Kendall. I'm like Kane, not many people have experienced holding such priceless art pieces. You are COOL!!! rhonda

  4. that is so cool!!!!
    i remember one time i went to a party (at this estate here...friend of a friend of a friend thing) and the woman had a "real" georgia o'keefe hanging on the wall. it was so beautiful; i kept staring at it.
    how great they hired you -- major props -- and you so deserve it!!

  5. I think that art can make more of an impact in a home than just about anything else. The problem is being able to afford the really good stuff!

    You guys are making me feel way cooler than I actually am :). Thanks for the votes of confidence!