Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bachelorette Party

The whole gang (minus Nicole who took the picture).
Girl Logan!
I'm back in New York tonight! I had the most amazing weekend with girl Logan! I managed to fit in a Mexican dinner, her bachelorette party, brunch the next morning and time to hang out with boy Logan! Thanks again to Brad and Rhonda for an excellent early birthday present!

I really enjoyed getting to know all of girl Logan's friends from UTK. Now I can finally put faces with names!


  1. You are very welcome Kendall, we are just so happy you could go and that you had a safe trip. I know everyone was glad to finally meet you too. What does the card say that Logan is holding up--can't read it.? rhonda

  2. It's the Victoria's Secret gift card I gave to her. There weren't very many pictures that I could post!

  3. Logan looks happy thinking of all the things she can get at Victoria's Secret with that card. Rhonda

  4. Yes, it think so. It's always nice to get to go shopping on someone else's dime!

    Plus, this was the safe picture to post. I'm keeping this blog PG!