Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Many Places To Be, So Little Time to Blog!

Well, I officially missed my first blog post since I've started this little project. It's hard to find time to post in the midst of wedding festivities! Sorry to those of you who follow me everyday. I'll try not to do it again any time soon :)

Yesterday started with an early visit with my mother, followed by Girl Logan's bridesmaid's luncheon at Linda W's house, and then the rehearsal at Baylor followed by the rehearsal dinner at Coolidge Park.

A full day, and i loved every minute of it.
Dovey, Kendall, Girl Logan and Didda at the bridesmaid's luncheon.
All of the bridesmaids with Girl Logan at the luncheon.
All the ladies again at the rehearsal dinner.
Kane, Kendall, my younger brother Lucas and my Mom.

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  1. What a wonderful day. I do not see how it could have been more perfect. Thankyou for sharing these pictures, Kendall. R