Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Happy Birthday, Indeed!

Image from Amateur Gourmet.
Image from Soho Stroll.
Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes yesterday. We had our first salsa class last night and learned a little bit, but we definitely need more work! 

Right on cue for the first day of spring, we had unbelievably beautiful weather in New York today. Kane and I had brunch with a good friend on the outdoor patio at Dos Caminos in Soho and then spent a couple of hours in the park.

They say that weather directly effects people's moods. I believe it after today and not just for me. The whole city was in a better mood today now that we can see the end of this long winter!

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  1. You and Kane will have to demonstrate a little of what you learned this weekend. I'm glad you had a good day today and had pretty weather. R