Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Dining Chairs

I'm not quite ready to show you my dining room yet, but I want to show my new chairs! By a stroke of luck, I called the Nashville West Elm today to ask about the Porter Slipcovered Dining Chair for a "budget" client of mine. Turns out they were clearancing them all out asap. Well, they wouldn't work for my client, but they worked for me! The muslin chair forms were only $59.50 each. They only had ugly green slipcovers left, on clearance for $29.99. So I decided to buy one to use as a pattern and have 6 made at a later date in the fabric of my choice. For now, I'm going to use them as they are.
Porter Dining Chairs found here.
My Porter Armless Chairs sans slipcovers.
I bought a pair of fun turquoise Allegra Hicks pillows as well. They won't actually live in the dining chairs, but I just thought I'd show you.

Have a good night everybody.


  1. WOW,I hardly recognize that room!!! I must say...the paint job looks amazing ;-D

    Can't wait to see the overall transformation thus far; can't wait to see you too. Only a couple of weeks to go.

    Hope you're taking care of yourself!!!

    Big hugs,


  2. Yay! So fun!! Those slip covers are awesome. It's going to look so great when it is done! I want to get some seat pads made for my newly painted red chairs...some fun, funky white-red-maybe orange? pattern. I wish I could sew and just make them myself!

  3. Kendall, great choice on the chairs. I'm dying to see more of your house!

  4. great pick for the dining room!
    cannot wait to see it all together and see the fabric for the slip covers.