Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Reviews: Two in One

I've read two books recently by local Nashville author Ann Patchett that I want to tell you about. The first is The Patron Saint of Liars. It's about an unhappily married woman named Rose who finds out she's pregnant and runs away to a home for unwed mothers. Did I mention it's set in the 1960s? The characters are fantastic, from the young mothers to the old nuns who look after them...but the story itself wasn't so interesting. It ended up being a little disappointing in the end. All in all, I wouldn't recommend it because I know that if you're as busy as I am you'll want to spend your time reading only the best!
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The second Ann Patchett book is The Magician's Assistant. It follows Sabine (the magician's assistant) right after the death of her husband. She quickly finds out that there were events and people from her husband's past that she knew nothing about. This book was fantastic from start to finish, as Sabine meets her husbands family and travels to the small town where he was from. I give it two thumbs up! It's worth your valuable time. :)

It's rainy and dreary here in Nashville tonight, and it's been a looong day. I hope that you're all cozying in for the night with the people you care about!


  1. "Bel Canto" is one of my all time favorite books: have read the two above, but still....try Bel Canto! Yes, I adore Ann Patchett.

  2. Hi Kendall! I found you through Daniella's blog. My name is Rachel. I was so thrilled when I saw you were from Nashville! My husband and I are in Southern Illinois for his law school education, but we wanna move back when he's finished. Hope you won't mind if I follow you!

    It's been rainy here, as well. I'm rather fond of the gloomy days. But, as an associate producer for evening newscasts, it's difficult to muster the motivation to work late nights when I've been lounging around inside watching the rain and drinking tea.

  3. Welcome Rachel! Thanks for following. That's exciting to know that you're from Nashville! I'm jealous of your schedule, I think that sounds fantastic!