Saturday, November 6, 2010

Downtown Franklin

Today I spent the afternoon exploring downtown Franklin, TN, south of Nashville. It's one of the sweetest authentic American town squares I've seen. Every storefront is a little boutique or cafe or business.

Lulu's and Rebecca's are two of the great home stores in town. But, my only purchase of the day were our excellent Christmas cards for this year! They are from the greatest little shop called Rock Paper Scissors. Lauren, a fabulous girl from New Jersey moved to Franklin and decided to open a New York inspired stationery shop. Thank goodness she did. I'll be a loyal customer from here on out!


  1. A really good,"New York style" stationery shop, is just the thing! I've been at a complete loss around here while looking for "We've Moved" cards...and it's very hard to do on line. Had to cancel two different samples. Then, I suddenly remembered the one and only, very sophisticated, Paper Trail shop in Rhinebeck. So...the cards are just gorgeous and would only be found in just that kind of shop! Can't wait to get to Chapel Hill where the shopping will be oh so much better!

  2. I will have to go to Franklin again with you some visit. Have not been there is years. Glad you found just the right thing. Rhonda

  3. I love the RPS blog! I always comment... that's probably how you found me! Love your style!