Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Decorating Party!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post about our day of Christmas decorating, but I'm just too excited to wait! Kane and I spent the day with Logan and Logan decorating both of our apartments for Christmas. It was about eight hours of fun. Four tacky Christmas sweaters, lots of sausage balls and three Christmas trees later, we're done!

Apartment #1:
Logan and Kane.
Girl Logan.
Logan and Logan's pretty blue and silver tree!

Apartment #2:
Our tree!!
Sentimental ornaments.
Homemade paper garlands.
Glittery creative tree-topper!

Are any of you making any special Christmas decorations this year?


  1. The best picture is the one of Kane with the elf ears!

  2. You guys look awesome. These pictures made me laugh so hard. The trees look beautiful and wondering about the 3rd tree you mentioned. What a great fun time you all must have had and this is such a super tradition to begin. Would have loved to have seen the people at Wal Mart looking at the outfits. Maybe ya'll will end up on the Wal Mart people #6 e-mail that goes around. I'll be looking. Love,Rhonda