Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Fair!

Kane and I made a little visit to the Tennessee State Fair yesterday. I haven't been to any type of fair in years, but not much had changed! There was SO much to see. We were entertained for a few hours. Let's just say that we're people watchers :)

Some of the highlights were the giant rabbit that won "Best of Show" and the 956 lb pumpkin. Enjoy.


  1. Yay, you had my favorite, the funnel cake!! I go straight there as soon as I get to the fair!

  2. Hi Kendall! Great to hear from you, I had been thinking about you, but we have been insanely busy, we are moving, both our home and our shop location, and it is crazy! I am so happy you found a job that you will like, that's actually pretty amazing in today's economy, but then again, not so shocking because of your degree of talent ;). SO happy for you, and looking forward to hearing all about it! XX!

  3. This brings back great memories of my childhood--going to the fair in Memphis, TN fairgrounds. I would eat the candy apple and then get so sick on the rides. Good times. Love,Rhonda