Thursday, September 2, 2010

Craft Corner

I got a wild hair today and decided to do a little paper project on a baby shower gift I had to wrap. I got the inspiration from a gift that someone brought to another shower I was at recently.

I made two cute little pinwheels and attached them to the front of my gift with double-sided tape. They were really easy, and only took about 15 minutes to make.

You start out by cutting out a square template, in whatever size you like. Then draw 2 lines diagonally from corner to corner making an X. Draw a small circle around the center X. Cut along the diagonal lines but do not cut into the center circle. Fold in one corner of each triangle and attach with a pin or fastener. That's it!

I used regular wrapping paper on the first one, so you can see the white back side in the center. On the second one I glued two different types of paper back to back so that there would be a second pattern showing through.

I think I'm going to have to remember these come Christmas!

The finished product!


  1. Really cute, Kendall! Have a lovely long weekend -hope you are all settled in!

  2. very nice!!
    (let us know your latest news!!) :)