Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Back!!

Well everyone, I'm sorry for the REALLY long absence from the blog. Believe me, I didn't plan on being gone for so long! We're sort of settled into our new apartment and we love it! We're long on square footage and short on furniture for now but we're working on filling up all of the space!

Unfortunately Comcast in Nashville thinks it's acceptable to take two weeks to come install our internet, so we are still bumming it from other people!!

So, bear with me a little bit longer and I'll be back to regular posting.


  1. So happy that you are enjoying your new space in Nashville. Cannot wait to see how all the painting turned out. Rhonda

  2. A warm welcome back, Kendall!
    Glad to hear you have found a new flat.
    We'll be here - tae the time to decorate;-)