Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday Postcards

I want to share a really fun project with you by artist Maura Meyers. She recently purchased lots of fun vintage stamps from my Etsy shop.

Check out how she used them! She took a piece of her artwork and cut it up into 30 postcards. She's mailing one postcard to her boyfriend every day for 30 days leading up to his 30th birthday!

Once he receives all 30 postcards she's going to tape them together and paint the image.

What a fantastic birthday keepsake! I'll be filing this away in my rainy day file. I love the creativity! It's so much more exciting than a standard birthday card!

You can see her other artwork on her website here.

Thanks for letting me share your inspiring project, Maura!


  1. Her boyfriend is a lucky man and this is a highly pinworthy project!

  2. That's so much fun! Great for those milestone birthdays or someone that lives far from family & friends. I saw something similar where an old photo of the birthday person was blown up & the pieces sent to friends so they could add their wishes before sending them on to the person celebrating their birthday. Check out the how to at O happy day. , look for "DIY birthday surprise in the mail". Im definitely going to try some combination of these ideas!

  3. A really original idea. Love that she used your stamps. rhonda

  4. i'ts really cool.. love this blog..